The Evolution of Custom Home Theaters

The Evolution of Custom Home Theaters


Isn’t it odd that many young children have never heard of a time when television sets were not a commodity? For older generations, going to the movie theater was a big event! If you were taking your significant other to the movies, you put on your nicest clothes, cleaned out your car, and got ready for an exciting night watching the latest film.

Today, DVDs, Television, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube, and more have lead way to the innovation of the home theater. What was once a magnificent talking box is now a multi-thousand dollar production inside our very own homes. When building your custom home, be sure to consider where your home theater is going!

The Introduction of Television Into the Home

Did you know that although the technology for television was available in 1929, the war prevented this innovation from becoming a household item until the late 1940s? As the price of televisions dropped, and the demand soared, the desire to go to the movie theater began to trickle away.

Over the years, the movie theaters and home televisions battled it out. Both eventually won in their own respective ways — television for the convenience and movie theaters for the spectacle.

Presently, we now have the technology to have the latest movies streamed right into our beautiful custom homes. From elaborate speaker systems placed strategically throughout your home, to the top quality television on the market, custom home theaters are becoming the latest trend in home building.

What Can I Include in my Custom Home Theater?

While the obvious answer includes your TV, many homeowners are adding a variety of amenities and technology to their home theater, such as:

  • Leveled seating arrangements, complete with the most comfortable reclining chairs available. (Also known as stadium seating)
  • Popcorn, vending, and other snack machines.
  • Customizable lighting.
  • Classic movie posters.
  • A screen and projector (in place of a TV).
  • Soundproofed walls.
  • A remote to control it all.
  • The finest carpeting and other interior décor.

When you are interested in putting a home theater in your custom home, be sure to dedicate an entire room to your theater. With the proper lighting and sound, it’ll feel like you and your family and friends are at the movie theater.

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