What Is A Quick Move-In Home and What are the Benefits of Them

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A quick move-in home, also known as a spec or inventory home, are houses that are already built to completion or near completion and are ready for occupancy. These special homes are given their name due to the fact that they are constructed by a builder’s request and not a buyer’s. While most homes are built for a specific buyer, quick move-in homes are built with the hopes that it’s in-trend interior and exterior will pique the interest of future buyers. Quick move-in homes are an excellent option for families who are looking to purchase a newly constructed home, but do not have time that’s needed to build brand new. If you are looking at new homes or quick move in houses in Smyrna, TN, Mt. Julie and Murfreesboro, TN, contact Landmark Homes of Tennessee, today! View available homes.

The Benefits

With quick move-in homes, potential buyers can own their home is as little as 30 days, allowing for a much smoother and simpler move-in process. Due to their unique nature, quick move-in homes provide future homeowners with many benefits:

  • All included: With quick move-in homes, what you see is what you get–all of it! Every feature and upgrade that you see within the home is included. From granite countertops to smart home features, you can guarantee that your quick move-in home will have all the trending, luxury features.
  • Moving is easier: Just as their name describes, quick move-in homes allow new homeowners to move into their home quickly and easily. Since quick move-in homes make relocating easier, these homes are actually quite beneficial for individuals who have to move for a new job or other personal reasons.
  • No wait periods or delays: With new constructions homes, future homeowners may have to wait longer than expected. Unexpected delays in construction can make homeowners wait longer to move into their home than they originally planned. However, with quick move-in homes, this problem is rarely seen. Quick move-in homes allow future buyers to wait less (sometimes as low as 30 days) to move in and start making memories. If anything, these homes are waiting for you!
  • Great location: Quick move-in homes are specially built to appeal to the public. Therefore, they are almost always built in excellent locations where the views are breathtaking, the neighborhoods are friendly, and the local amenities are plentiful. If you are interested in a quick move-in home, you can rest assured that you will find one in some of the best locations.

As you can see, there are countless benefits to purchasing a quick move-in home. These special homes are built with top-quality craftsmanship and located in the most desirable neighborhoods across the US. For families or individuals who are interested in moving, but don’t necessarily have the time to build their dream home from the ground up, a quick move-in home is the perfect fit for you.


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