Purchasing a Custom Home? Consider This.

Purchasing a Custom Home? Consider This.


There are thousands of things to consider when purchasing your first custom home.  First, you have to sift through the necessities: make sure there are enough bedrooms to fit your family, including the newborn that’s on the way, and your dog, “Skip.”  Once you determine the necessities, there are plenty of other factors to consider.  Here are a few considerations Landmark Homes recommends for first time homeowners.

Think Long-Term

Ask yourself, “What are my long-term plans?”  Your family may only consist of you, a significant other, and “Skip” at the time you are considering purchasing your first home.  By not considering your long-term plans, you may find yourself living in a home that no longer suits your needs.  If you are planning on having kids, how many?  If so, as your family grows, what necessities may arise as you welcome them into your family? A home with an extra bedroom and playroom included in the floor plan may be beneficial when investing in a long-term home.

Plan Around Your Family’s Habits, Hobbies, and Occupations

Is there one family member that enjoys staying up late watching sitcoms?  A den or family room will provide your family member with a place to relax without disturbing the other members.  Does your family consist of avid sports fans?  A “man-cave” may be a perfect addition.  Your family can tailgate while relaxing in a few recliners, all in the comfort of your custom home.  When choosing your first home, always consider your family’s basic needs.

Make Your Home Yours

Once you have sifted through the necessities, it’s time to complete the finishing touches. This next step is your chance to make your house feel like a home. Whether it’s hanging family photos or a new TV on the wall, decorate the home however you want – after all, it is your landmark.

These are just a few of the things to consider when looking for your new home.  If you have any questions regarding purchasing or building, contact Landmark Homes of Tennessee to get a head start!

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