Organization Tips for a Clean Master Bathroom

Organization Tips for a Clean Master Bathroom

Organization Tips for a Clean Master Bathroom
One of the many luxuries associated with a master bathroom in a custom home is the large amount of space it comes with.

Unfortunately, as many of us have experienced, clean, empty space can quickly become cluttered, unorganized and overwhelming.

When you have finally had enough of the seemingly endless accumulation of “stuff” in the oasis that is your master bathroom, take it upon yourself to fight back against the clutter and reclaim your space.

Prepare for Organizing

The first step you need to take to organize your master bathroom is to go through and determine which items are essential and which items are not. This will provide you with a decent starting point and make it much easier to see what all you will need to be organizing.

Make sure you don’t just throw out everything you deem “non-essential.” Some items can be donated which will cut down on the amount of trash you will be throwing out.

Old towels can be used for other things around the house, such as bathing pets. Old shampoo and other hygiene products, on the other hand, should probably just be thrown out.

Focus On Storage Areas

Common areas for storage include closets, cabinets and drawers. Your goal is to efficiently store as much as possible in these areas, without overwhelming your space.

Cabinets and under-the-sink areas can be cleaned up in a snap by using numerous small containers to organize items. Make sure to label them appropriately so that finding a specific item is quick and easy.

Drawers can accumulate a lot of unnecessary items, so make sure you have cleaned out everything you don’t need before attempting to organize. There are countless organizational inserts that are made to fit all sizes and styles of drawers. You can use these products to corral all of your hygiene products and tools.

Closets usually house larger bathroom accessories, like towels and hampers. Make sure you have an appropriate number of towels and that they are always neatly folded.

Look Clean, Feel Clean

While an organized bathroom makes it easier to find items, there is also another benefit to getting ready in a clean and neat space. Cutting down on countertop clutter can help you feel relaxed and stress-free, whether you are cleaning up for a day of work or a night out.

An organized bathroom makes the overall space feel bigger. You will not feel as cramped and boxed-in in a bathroom free of distraction and junk.

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