Meet Gary Wisniewski of Landmark Homes of Tennessee

Meet Gary Wisniewski of Landmark Homes of Tennessee

Custom-Builder-Middle-Tennessee-HomesIf you’re about to invest in a custom-built home in Middle Tennessee, you’ll want to learn more about Gary Wisniewski – the founder of Landmark Homes of Tennessee. Gary, a genuine business owner, strives to ensure that each new homeowner has his or her individual needs met throughout the entire building and moving process.

Prior to creating Landmark Homes, Gary knew that his business needed to be founded on the basis of listening. As a local Middle Tennessee homeowner and business man, Gary knew that his customers deserved to work with a custom-home building company that would listen intently to their particular needs. Through lasting relationships with homeowners and a customer-centered approach to business, Gary

Wisniewski and Landmark Homes continue to be the ‘go-to’ guy for custom-built homes throughout Middle Tennessee.

Open Communication and Personalization

Gary knows exactly what sets Landmark Homes apart from the other local competitors.

“I believe that the continued growth of Landmark Homes of Tennessee is due to our open communication with clients,” remarks Gary. “We are successful, not just because we are listening, but because we seek to understand how they are going to ‘use’ their new home. It’s this insight that allows us to truly meet the needs of our clients and make good on their vision.”

In addition to the constant flow of communication, Gary also places a strong emphasis on the quality and personalization of each custom-home built under the Landmark Homes name. Each homeowner has the ability to tailor their floor plan and more to suit their personal lifestyle and needs.

“We are helping people to build a home they can take pride in and can really call their own,” states Gary. “We want them to feel like it really is their ‘true north’ and the landmark they can navigate their life by.”

Dedication at it’s finest

In the early days of Landmark Homes, Gary was hands-on with each and every home building project the company took on. Over time as the business grew, he hired trustworthy individuals to assist with the building and project management aspects of the business. Even though Gary may not be physically building your new custom home, he is still actively involved with each and every project taken by Landmark Homes.

Gary is now passing the Landmark Homes torch on to his son, Nick, who shares the same dedication to quality and passion for custom homes. For generations to come, Landmark Homes of Tennessee will continue to provide the same elite custom home designs and construction throughout Middle Tennessee.

When you’re looking for a trustworthy team of professionals to construct your custom home in Middle Tennessee, look no further than Gary and his crew at Landmark Homes of Tennessee. Call us today to learn more at 615-319-9294.

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