Luxury Outdoor Essentials Your Custom Home Can't Be Without - Landmark Homes of Tennessee

Luxury Outdoor Essentials Your Custom Home Can’t Be Without

Luxury Outdoor Essentials Your Custom Home Can’t Be Without

Luxury Outdoor Essentials Your Custom Home Can't Be Without - Landmark Homes of Tennessee

Your custom home is designed and built to be exactly what you’ve always wanted. Does your backyard and outdoor living space match that level of personalization and luxury?

While you can hire a landscaping company to make sure that your outdoor landscape matches the luxury of your interior design, there are a few things you can do to improve the appearance of your garden and outdoor living space.

Outdoor Fountain

We’re not talking the water fountains in malls and schools. We’re talking about the jaw-dropping, stone fountains that are all the rage in luxury outdoor spaces. The best part about these outdoor accessories is the plethora of design and appearance options. Whether you want a small fountain to complement your garden or a magnificent fountain to capture the attention, a fountain is a great option for any custom home.


Want a place to congregate with family and friends aside from your living room? Add a gazebo to your backyard. Gazebos are a great way to tie your backyard appearance together and have a place for family and friends to meet. Plus, gazebos are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll find the perfect one for your custom home.

Stepping Stone Walkways

If your backyard garden has an impressive array of plants and flowers, you may want to consider adding a luxurious walkway using beautiful stepping-stones. You can actually make this a great DIY project for your family using concrete mixture and anything you’d like to add to your stones such as:

  • Handprints
  • Gems
  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Leaves
  • Sticks
  • Whatever your heart desires!

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fire Place

While Middle Tennessee enjoys a nice temperature all spring, summer and fall, the nights can become a bit chilly. By adding a concrete fire pit to your backyard, you can stay warm by the fire and appreciate the Middle Tennessee weather all year long!

You can either purchase a fire pit from your local hardware store or garden center or have one custom created for you.

Outdoor Kitchens

Who says that your cooking has to stay in the kitchen? What if the weather is too gorgeous to pass up? If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can simply cook your meal outside and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular addition to custom homes in Middle Tennessee due to their versatility and style. They are especially great for families who have pools, host frequent parties, or simply love the outdoors!

A Hammock (Or Two!)

Let’s be honest — the Middle Tennessee spring and summer weather can’t be beaten. And who doesn’t love to lounge around outdoors on bright and sunny weekends? Adding a hammock to your backyard is a great option for anyone who just adores spending time outside.

What luxury backyard addition do you plan on adding to your custom home?

If you’re ready to find your new home in the Middle Tennessee area, look no further than Landmark Homes of Tennessee. Our homes are created to your specifications in the best neighborhoods in the area. Contact us today to learn more!

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