Living Room Trends That Are Past Their Prime

Living Room Trends That Are Past Their Prime


For many families, the living room is where everyone congregates to meet, talk, watch TV, and just relax. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to properly decorate and design their living room. As a homeowner in Middle Tennessee, you want your home to be welcoming, inviting, and comfortable. Bad design trends and tacky décor won’t help you accomplish this.  The following interior design ‘trends’ should not be used in your Landmark Home.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting In Your Entire Home

Not only is carpet ridiculously frustrating to clean, it also poses health risks for those highly allergic to dust, dirt, fur, hair and other elements. In addition, wall-to-wall carpeting makes your home look like it’s directly out of the 1970s (especially if you use shag carpet…PS: Don’t.)

Instead of covering your home from door-to-door and wall-to-wall with carpet, opt for choices such as hardwood flooring or even tile. These options are simpler to clean, require less effort, and project an elegant home appearance. With hardwood floors, your living room will look flawless and timeless.

Living Rooms With Too Much Interior Design

If you’ve thought about using specific design trends for your living room, kudos. If you’ve over thought your living room décor and it now looks like an interior design explosion, it’s time to start over.

When thinking about your living room interior design, stick to one interior concept. The more décor and color you add to your living room, the more chaotic it will get.

Plain Furniture

One of the worst interior design trends you can use is plain, boring furniture. Choose furniture options with a consistent style and appearance. Your furniture, along with additional décor, will help set the atmosphere and tone of your living room. Choose wisely!

The Same Design for 20 Years

When is the last time you redecorated your living room? If you have the same living room décor since you moved in, it’s time to redecorate! Or, you could move into a custom home built to your exact specifications and have the living room you’ve dreamed of.

Contact Landmark Homes of Tennessee today to inquire about our custom built homes across the Middle Tennessee region. We’ll build the living room and home you’ve always wanted.

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