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The landlocked state of Tennessee is one that is filled with exuberant people and classic southern charm. While Tennessee is greatly known for its rich history that dates back to the Civil War era, it’s truly the towns of Tennessee that make this state the place to be. Even though the heart of rock and roll and country music is hard to triumph, many of Tennessee’s small towns have so much to offer to residents and visitors alike. Let’s take Nolensville, for instance; located in Middle Tennessee, Nolensville is a small, rural community that’s flourishing with preserved historical sites. In addition to being home to various structures from the 1800s, Nolensville offers delicious BBQ hotspots, timeless antique shops, and close-knit neighborhoods. Recently, Nolensville was named as one of ‘America’s fastest growing suburbs,’ and with this honor, Nolensville, TN is helping small-town suburbs make a major comeback. Are you thinking about moving to Nolensville? If you would like to learn more about new homes, new construction and homes for sale in Nolensville, Nashville, Mt. Juliet, Smyrna or Murfreesboro, TN, contact Landmark Homes of Tennessee today!

The Small-Town Life in a Fast-Growing Suburb

Listed by as one of the top 10 fastest growing suburban areas in America, Nolensville has completely transformed and revolutionized itself. Long-time residents have seen the rapid change as well. Addie Grace, a proud Nolensville resident, explains how only a Dollar General and a town hall existed when she first moved down here. Another resident, Grayson Wallace, states, “When I moved down here, it was just fields with cows and corn, that’s about all I ever saw” (source). Now, homes are being built all around, and local businesses are setting up shop–it’s evident that Nolensville has come a long way from the rural area it once was. The growth of this town has even increased the number of homes being built within the region. Town officials explained that they are building an average of 200 homes per month to keep up with the demand of buyers. Even now there are at least 10 neighborhoods in the process of construction. In the past 8 years, more than 5,000 people have moved to Nolensville.

In addition to the countless amenities they offer to their residents, many families have moved to the Nolensville area due to the excellent school system they offer, in addition to the low property taxes and location. Most importantly, many families love the area because of the safety it exudes. Because of this, the family and young professional population have soared which lead to the construction of Nolensville High School in 2016. Fun fact, their first graduating class will be in 2019! The rest of the Nolensville school system is noteworthy as well, being named ‘the ‘burb with the best public schools in Tennessee’ by

In light of the recent popularity of this wonderful town, Nolensville Mayor, Jimmy Alexander, states, “We’re a quaint small town that is growing by leaps and bounds. We are seeing new faces, mostly getting middle-class people moving here that want to get involved with the community” (source).

It’s no secret that Nolensville has the perfect balance between stunning homes, fantastic schools, short commutes, and safe neighborhoods, making it the best place to be in 2018!



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