How to Prepare Your Custom Home for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Custom Home for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Custom Home for the Winter

The harsh cold of the winter months presents a great deal of new challenges to your home. Knowing how to prepare for the stark change in weather is essential in protecting your home from possible damage.

Middle Tennessee can experience some very harsh weather this time of year. That’s why at Landmark Homes has put together a list of steps that will protect your home and prevent home damage from plaguing you this winter season.

Clean Gutters

One of the most common home maintenance tips is also extremely important during the winter season: cleaning your gutters.

After all the trees around your home have shed their leaves for the season, there is not more important time to clean your gutters of debris. You are sure to find a large amount of leaves and sticks have come to rest in your gutters and need to be cleared out immediately. You’ll also want to inspect your gutters as you clean them, looking for loos screws or damaged hardware that would require replacement.

Maintain Heating System

An HVAC professional should be one of the first people you contact once the temperature begins to drop. Schedule an inspection and corresponding maintenance measures from a trusted heating services professional to make sure your heating system is up to the task of keeping you warm in the winter.

Clean Your Chimney

If you are like the countless homeowners who plan on putting their fireplaces to use in the winter, then a chimney cleaning should certainly be on your agenda. You will absolutely require the services of a chimney cleaning professional for this task, as DIY chimney cleaning and inspecting is dangerous.

Remember: a clean chimney is a safe chimney. So have yours inspected to make sure you can relax by a roaring fire without worry this winter.

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams can be caused various problems, but no matter how they occur they are still extremely dangerous. Sealing air leaks in your roof is the first step you should take to prevent ice dams. This will prove to me the most effective way of keeping ice dams from plaguing your roof, but there are other preventative steps as well.

Additional insulation will help keep ice dams from forming, as will ensuring your roof is properly ventilated. Having an energy audit performed on your home will help you identify any problem areas before it’s too late.

Bolster Windows

One of the most common sources of air leaks is windows and doors. Exterior caulk can prove to be invaluable when it comes to protecting your home from troublesome air leaks.

How do you know if you need to beef up your windows and doors with extra caulk? Inspect the gaps between your home’s siding and the frame of your doors and windows. If you can fit a nickel into this gap without struggle, then you need to some silicone caulk to alleviate the problem.

Prepare Exterior Pipes and Faucets

You would be remiss in neglecting any exterior pipes and faucets in the wintertime. Any water that is leftover in exterior pipes can freeze and cause your pipes to burst, which is a nightmare for homeowners. Make sure all water is drained from exterior pipes and that all outdoor faucets are completely turned off.

Exposed pipes in your basement should be wrapped up in an insulated material to help prevent them from freezing, as well.

Protect Your Custom Home

Landmark Homes wants you to be safe and comfortable in your home this winter. If you are looking to build the custom home of your dreams, give us a call to learn how we can help!


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