Common Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Hiring

Hiring a Contractor in Murfreesboro, TN & Smyrna, TN

Whether you are building a brand new custom home of your dreams or simply want to renovate your house, it’s an exciting time knowing that you’ll soon have a home that’s uniquely yours. Although this is a thrilling time, it’s also one that’s going to be a bit challenging. But with ample preparedness and the right contracting team, this is a journey that will be worthwhile. Before you can start this journey, you must first select a reputable contractor in Murfreesboro, TN or Smyrna, TN, that specializes in the type of building job you want. This is a very tricky task since there are ample contracting companies out there. Before meeting with a potential contracting company, you want to make sure that you have done your research–this means compiling a list of questions that will help guide you in making a decision on which contractor to choose.

Before making a decision, here are a few excellent questions you should ask your potential contractor before hiring them:

Do you have a contracting license?

Although different cities and states have different laws and requirements regarding contracting license, you always want to hire a contractor or contracting company that has their license. Most importantly, you want to make sure that if they do have a license, that’s it’s in the specific field of housing. The last thing you want is to hire a contracting company whose license is in carpentry. So, be very careful. If they answer ‘yes’ to this question, your follow-up question should be to see the physical license or certificate.

Will you obtain the permits and assemble to inspections for this job or will I?

Keep in mind, that not every job requires permits or inspections, so, this is where your research comes in. Before hiring a contractor, you should know if your specific job needs permits or inspections. If they do, then any reputable contractor will know the exact ones you need and will be more than willing to obtain them for you.

What is your payment scheduling like?

It’s common knowledge that you do not pay full price for a contracting job upfront. Usually, you are required to pay a certain percentage and then increments throughout the rest of the process. If your potential contractor or contracting company states that they want the full price upfront, this should raise a few red flags. However, if they do require a certain percentage upfront, be sure to ask them what the rest of their payment plan is like.

What would be our estimated time of completion?

This is a tricky question to ask because there will always be unknown factors that can slow down the construction process. Regardless, if you present your potential contractor with a list of things you want to be done, they should give you an estimated time of completion that’s as close as accurate it can get. Most importantly, you want to see if their schedule is not packed with other projects. The last thing you want is for your project to get delayed due to your contractor’s over-packed schedule.

With these questions at hand, you will have an easier time selecting the best contractor for the job!


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