Colors to Consider When Painting Your Kitchen

Colors to Consider When Painting Your Kitchen


Coziness in your own home, especially your kitchen, is of utmost importance.  Most families consider their kitchen as a safe haven.  We at Landmark Homes recommend treating your kitchen as a puzzle: it’s not complete until every piece is in its proper space.  You include all your needs and wants into your kitchen and BAM!…Uh oh!  The only thing missing is the last piece that completes the masterpiece and brings your kitchen to life: an appropriate paint color.  Don’t fret — Landmark Homes is here to help you complete the puzzle by suggesting a few paint colors for any kitchen.

Colors to Help Modernize your Kitchen

For those looking to modernize their kitchen, using matte paint will aid you in that process.  There is no shine or finish, leaving a cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy.  Choosing the right color is crucial to creating pleasant and welcoming vibes in your home.  Ditch the hot pink and lime green for a darker grey or blue that is welcoming, yet modern.  We also recommend hazel and reddish-orange shades as they can bring the kitchen together while not taking away from the rest it has to offer.

Colors for an Inland Homeowner’s Kitchen

If you’ve ever been to the Midwest, you have seen beach-themed kitchens.  Homeowners who live in regions where no coastline is in sight tend to flock to themed kitchens, adding warm, beach elements to their refuge.  They are professional, modern, and incredibly welcoming, if done right.  If you want a beach-esque kitchen, or just a warm, inviting place to relax, consider sky blue as your paint color.  Choose a shade light enough that the average observer can’t determine whether it’s white or light blue.  It will add some flavor to the room, while not stealing the attention.

Colors to Blend for a Multi-Color Kitchen

For those who love to decorate and spice things up, having different colors on multiple walls will allow you to have fun and experiment with your kitchen style. Dark reds and navy blues can be a great match.  Hazels and reds can also compliment each other nicely.  Matching mustard yellow with a dark hazel will keep your kitchen modern and appealing.  Pairing different browns and blacks offers a rustic feel that would be perfect for any countryside home. The combinations are endless, get out and experiment!  After all, it is your Landmark!

The styles of kitchens are endless and so are the color combinations.  No matter the style, there are colors out there that will complete your puzzle.  Consider a few of the colors listed above to stylize your kitchen make it cozier than ever before.

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