4 Ways To Make Your Landmark Home Kid-Friendly

Tips To Make Your Landmark Home Kid-Friendly

As a family moving into a brand new, stylish Landmark home, you may be concerned about rearranging the furniture or designing the interior of your home to suit your lifestyle and be safe for the children. Relax, all parents worry about balancing the appearance of their home with the functionality for their children! Use these 4 tips for a beautiful and kid-friendly home.

Avoid low hanging drapes, curtains or tablecloths

It may be your first instinct to purchase beautiful, long drapes, curtains or elegant countertops. However, for a kid, this is the Mecca of hiding spots during Hide and Seek. In addition, children tend to pull or tug at things around the house.

These long, low hanging items can cause an extensive amount of damage if they are pulled. Instead, search for stylish drapes and table cloths that do not reach all the way to the floor, yet still provide the visual aesthetic you are searching for. 

Store snacks and other children’s items in low drawers

In an effort to maintain control, many parents make the mistake of storing snacks, children’s silverware and other kids items in drawers and cabinets out of reach for children. However, this often leads to children climbing on counters, chairs and other items in an attempt to reach their snacks or items.

Instead, be sure to store these items in drawers or cabinets where your children can reach them. If you are worried about controlling their snack intake, only place a few snacks in the drawer each day. Teach your children that if they run out of snacks, that’s all they get!

Shop around for stylish and affordable furniture

One main concern of parents is the state of their beautiful and expensive furniture around their kids. Instead, try searching your local consignment and other furniture stores for less expensive, yet still visually appealing, furniture. Should something happen to your furniture such as a stain or a tear, you won’t be upset over replacing it as it did not cost and arm and a leg.

Try Painting a Chalkboard Wall

Kids will be kids! One of the many complaints of new parents is when their children draw all over the walls. Instead of scolding them, pick up some chalkboard paint and choose a wall in your home. This paint will allow your children to draw all over the walls without getting in trouble!

Available Houses

Is your home not very kid-friendly? The available homes in the Landmark Homes of Tennessee communities are perfect for families! Contact Landmark today to learn more about new homes and available houses in Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, TN, Smyrna, TN and Nashville, TN.

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