4 Ways to Keep Your Home Feeling Brand New

4 Ways to Keep a New Home Feeling Brand-New

As you age, so does your home. Here we share some tips on how to change, maintain, and refresh your custom-built home to keep it feeling brand-new. Still looking at new construction or new homes in Mt. Juliet, TN, Murfreesboro, TN, Nashville, or Smyrna, TN? Contact a custom home builder at Landmark Homes of Tennessee, today!

Remodel Your Home


When you partner with Landmark Homes, you as a homeowner can select your own custom floor plan. Take a look at the models that Landmark provides and construct a layout that best suits your current needs. As time goes on and life changes, you have the opportunity to restructure your home. Landmark home

s are “Stick Built” – a design that is sturdy, yet flexible enough to make structural changes whenever necessary. If you would like to add on an addition or take down a wall, it ca

n be done. Having remodeling as an option allows you to select the layout you desire initially and morph it into a layout that is more functional and desirable in the future.

Maintenance Your Home

Keep your home clean and take care of both the interior and exterior foundation. This will save you a lot of money in repairs, as well as unsightly damages. Above all, keeping your home well-kept will preserve it for years to come. Some tips:

  • Lookout for faulty piping, roofing or flooring to avoid mold and water damage
  • Have an exterminator visit your home periodically to keep insects out and prevent infestation

Change the Design to Change the Room

Switching designs, repainting and even rearranging furniture can completely change the perception of a room. By changing the design, you can get rid of what you dislike, what is broken, and what you do not use. Out with the old and in with the new! If you need help, Landmark has an interior design consultant on staff, as well as a design center to assist you. Redesigning your home is a fun and easy way to keep it feeling brand-new.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Make your custom-built home stand out in Middle Tennessee by allocating some time and dedication towards landscaping. Keeping up with your lawn can completely transform the exterior. Big or small projects can be done at any time. Some Tips:

  • Trim the bushes to look neat
  • Utilize mulch to bring out the tones in your exterior wall
  • Add trees for shade
  • Plant flowers for visual appeal
  • Incorporate accessories to represent your style

Custom Home Builder

It’s not just a home, it’s your Landmark. Keep it feeling brand new – you deserve it. If you’re interested in buying or designing your luxurious custom home, contact a custom home builder in Murfreesboro, TN, Mt Juliet or Smyrna, TN today at Landmark Homes of Tennessee.

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