4 Unbeatable Ways to Revitalize Your Front Porch This Summer

4 Unbeatable Ways to Revitalize Your Front Porch This Summer

4 Unbeatable Ways to Revitalize Your Front Porch This Summer

Summer weather is porch weather!

For those who are lucky enough to have a porch, or for those who were smart enough to incorporate one into their Middle Tennessee custom home, a front porch can offer the perfect place to escape and relax after a long day. A nice and comfortable place to sit outside without baking in the unforgiving sunlight can be an invaluable addition to a home, and serve as the perfect place to unwind.

Make sure you don’t neglect your porch and keep it up so that is ready for extended use in the summer time!

If you haven’t had the time to prepare your porch for the summer months, follow these guidelines to spruce up your outdoor living space in a pinch!


A great way to add to your porch decoration is with tasteful plant additions. Ferns have always been a popular hanging plant option for front porches – they are easy to care for, thrive in our climate, and look great!

There are plenty of other options, such as more colorful potted plants and flowering plants that can fit in a small planter on a rail. Use your imagination and feel free to ask a landscaping professional for their advice!

Paint Your Door

The front door is a very important aspect of a custom home that should add to the decoration of the front porch, not detract from it. Experiment with bold options for your front door that are bright and make it stand out. It is probably best to steer clear of intricate patterns, as they won’t be able to be fully appreciated by most passersby.

Update the Floor and Ceiling

Another simple way to revamp a front porch is to paint the floor and ceiling! Although it may seem like nobody pays attention to the ceiling of a front porch, they certainly will if it is a bright and exciting color. A popular option for ceilings is sky blue since it is calming and reminds us of the actual sky.

As for flooring, you can afford to take some chances and perhaps go with a striped pattern or multiple colors. Going with a new surface can be very easy, as most deck tiles feature interlocking grooves and can be easily placed over an existing surface.

Throw Up a Flag!

A flag can be a fantastic accent piece to the décor of your front porch. Use this as an opportunity to inject some personality into your front porch. Get patriotic around the Fourth of July with an American flag, which truly works as a year-round option as well. Get creative!

Middle Tennessee Custom Homes

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