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4 Types of Kitchen Layouts for your New Home

4 Types of Kitchen Layouts for your New Home 

Work-Triangle-Kitchen - New - Homes - Mt. JulietThe process of designing your new home is an exciting time full of many decisions and options. One of the biggest design decision you can make is the style and layout of your kitchen. In most homes, the kitchen is the center of the household, where everyone congregates and socializes. Make sure that your new kitchen layout reflects your personal style and originality. We’ve listed out the four most popular and open designs, but the beauty of having a custom built home is that you can create your own unique layout.

The popular work triangle

As seen in many homes around the Middle Tennessee area, the “work triangle” layout is quite popular due to the ease of access and organization characteristics. In the work triangle, the three points are your range, sink and refrigerator – also known as the 3 essentials of a proper kitchen. This layout allows homeowners to easily maneuver around the kitchen and have a direct path to the cooking and cleaning essentials at all times. Add an island or table in the center area to give your kitchen a bit of flair.

The Zone Layout

For those who like stellar organization, the zone layout may be for you. With this type of kitchen, there are separate areas for cooking, eating and cleaning. In addition, this layout allows for lots of kitchen traffic, should there be several hands working in the kitchen. To add your own sense of style, perhaps add a nontraditional station or work with your favorite color pallet.

The “L”

This kitchen layout is shaped exactly like the name. This layout allows homeowners to have a spacious kitchen area and interaction with family. Typically, this layout has a wall of cabinets surrounding the countertops, sink and range. In addition, many cabinets are along the lower half of the kitchen. With this kitchen style, you’ll have the freedom to arrange your kitchen furniture, such as an island or dinner table, any way you desire. Homeowners looking for an ‘open’ style will benefit from an L-shaped kitchen.

The “U”-Shaped Floor Plan

Coincidentally, many kitchen designs are in the shape of letters. This design is ideal for homeowners wanting a middle counter space or island. With this layout, those who enjoy cooking lavish meals will have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy their time. When designing your U-shaped kitchen, using a singular color scheme, such as a white or bright color, will pull the room together.

By building your own home instead of purchasing one off the market, you’ll have full control over the type of kitchen you want. You’ll be able to finally create the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.

Landmark Homes can bring your kitchen design dreams to life with our custom built houses in Middle Tennessee. Contact us today to learn more.

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