4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Custom Home a Smart House

4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Custom Home a Smart House

4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Custom Home a Smart House

If you grew up watching the Jetsons, you might be a little disappointed that modern homes don’t feature robot maids or transportation tubes.

While we are clearly still far away from some of the hit show’s more exploratory technology, there are plenty of helpful “smart” gadgets out there today for your home!

Incorporating “smart” devices into the custom home of your dreams, like one built by Landmark Homes, is a great way to provide your family with comfort and security.

Here are four cutting-edge home additions to turn your custom home into smart house!

Touchscreen Deadbolt

Your home has never been more secure than it is with a high-tech touchscreen deadbolt. Far more advance than it’s simple key-operated predecessor, a touchscreen deadbolt will have internet connectivity that allows your door to be unlocked with your smartphone.

This type of door locking mechanism can also be programmed to lock 30 seconds after you shut your door, in case you don’t have a free hand when leaving your home. You can also receive notifications via text message whenever the alarm is prompted – you will always know when someone is in your home.

The touchscreen keypad can be set up to open with a combination and this type of deadbolt usually requires a monthly subscription.

High-Tech Digital Thermostat

Thermostats have also evolved during the digital age, with some models featuring stunning color touchscreens, offering more control over your home’s comfort than ever before.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control your digital thermostat from virtually anywhere on earth with a smart phone or desktop computer. No more worrying if you left the a/c on in the middle of your vacation!

Other than control and peace of mind, new digital thermostats are also more efficient. Some models come with sensors that are placed in each room to ensure each individual area is being heated or cooled properly.

Smart TV

You’ve probably seen the latest smart TVs walking through any electronics or home store, and you’ve probably marveled at the size and clarity of the machines.

While the large theater-style TVs are quite a sight, smart TVs come in a wide range of sizes. You can have a smart TV in practically every room of your home if you’d like – they don’t have to be gigantic!

What makes a smart TV so “smart” is it’s ability to connect to the internet. All of your coveted subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu can be accessed without any additional hardware. There are hundreds of apps and programs that can be used with a smart TV that it will quickly become a popular addition to your custom home!

Video Alarm System

Security systems have advanced beyond just the touchscreen deadbolt, as whole-home security systems now feature video feeds that can accessed from anywhere. As with most other “smart” gadgets, these new alarm systems connect to the internet to allow you to take a peek from your smartphone or desktop computer wherever you are.

You’ll still find the usual features of standard alarm systems, such as:

  • Sirens
  • Motion sensors
  • Keypads

Smart security systems incorporate all these features while also providing you with a crystal clear high-definition video feed of your home. Security cameras can be placed wherever you feel fit, but it is recommended to consult a home security professional before installation.

Custom Homes Mt. Juliet

You want your custom home to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Keep these helpful gadgets in mind the next time you are designing your own custom home!

If you are looking for a beautiful custom home to outfit with the latest in home technology, make sure to contact Landmark Homes of Tennessee!

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