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3 Tips for Creating Your Living Room

Tips for Your Custom Home Living Room


The living room is your space, aka your comfort zone. After you have built your custom home and living room to suit your personal living needs, it is time to design it however you please.

Reflect Your Style

Whether your living room is used for personal downtime or entertaining guests, make it look presentable and design it to encourage use. Your living room can function as the main seating arena for a family game night, a cozy den for rainy book reading, or an elegant space for conversation – it is completely up to you. Choose a theme and use decorations and colors to represent that theme. If you do not have a certain theme in mind, try choosing a design that reflects the beauty in the area you live in.

Balance Colors

First, choose a dominant color, one that can be used as a base. The dominant color needs to blend nicely with others — earth tones are normally best, such as tans, greys, blues and greens. This color should be used in 60% of the room for the best results.

Next, choose a secondary color that compliments the dominant color. The secondary color needs to add a different element to the scheme of the room. Deep purple, navy, mustard, maroon or coral are just few of many colors that could be chosen for your living room. This secondary color should be used in 30% of the room.

Finally, choose an accent color that will pop. It should contrast completely with the two other colors used; yet tie the entire color scheme together. Consider brighter colors, such as lime green, pink, yellow, and light blue. The accent color should be used in 10% of the room.

Remember, do not choose colors that make the room overwhelmingly dark or too bright – it is not comforting, nor is it bearable as a long-lasting design. Popular colors for 2018 include shades of green, gray, red, pink and blue.

Avoid Clutter

Adding too many decorations to your living room can make it seem cluttered. A cluttered living room is uninviting and takes away from the overall design that you worked so hard to put together. Here are some tips on how to avoid clutter:

Limit photos or trinkets. Instead, create an organized photo album or designate shelf space to display related items. Try to tie the items to the overall theme.

Hide wires. Attach wires to the backs of furniture, place items strategically to avoid extension cords, or use a cord covers that coordinate with the color scheme.

Do not mismatch furniture. Look at magazines to get an idea of how to choose the right size furniture, what variations are acceptable and how to mix and match items.

Use space wisely. Instead of bunching furniture together, create an open layout that your family and guests can enjoy.

Avoid too many contrasting patterns. Try to accent one or two patterns. They may be different, but not opposing. Do not place completely contrasting colors or lines directly next to each other.

Install efficient lighting. Create the ambiance you wish to enjoy using lighting. Dimmers can help adjust the brightness.

Landmark Homes of Tennessee Can Help

Landmark has an interior design consultant on staff, as well as a design center, dedicated to assisting you with your home building needs. Speak with the consultant directly or visit the design center to see sample layouts and to physically feel the textures of items included. Not yet a Landmark homeowner?  Contact a custom home builder at Landmark to learn more about our homes for sale, new construction and new homes in Murfreesboro, TN, Mt. Juliet, Nashville and Smyrna, TN.


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